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Do you have goals, an idea or you feel like you have more to offer, but you don’t know where to start or how to get there? Everyone gets a little stuck at times. Maybe you might need some guidance and support to help you navigate different challenges or circumstances in your life. These could include areas such as personal or work relationships, career, parenting, health or finances.


You can be assured that there is no limit to what you can discuss in complete confidentiality with Tina in these sessions.


These individual and personalised coaching sessions are designed to find the right solutions for you and help get you motivated and forging ahead so you can share your gifts and talents with the world.


These group sessions are aimed at providing you with advanced personal development teachings, tools and ‘how-to’ guidance to become a conscious leader who will step into their fullest potential and who desires to have a positive impact on the world.

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Tina’s journey into personal development began 22 years ago, when faced with the challenge of her youngest son being born with a congenital physical disability. She was committed to helping him and her family find ways to live a positive and healthy life going forward, so that they could manage the challenges ahead and so all her children would be able to live life to their fullest potential.


This led Tina to study in the works of many personal development and spiritual thought leaders of our times. Her passion to share this knowledge and fulfil her life’s purpose to spread these teachings continues today. Her mission is to help and support people, so they can lead joyful, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

          Tina is an incredible facilitator and is very insightful                  and healing. The entire experience is nourishing and will leave you feeling positive, yet introspective.


Kasia W

          Tina has been like a guardian angel to me, always                    willing to guide me through lifes ups and down. ​She is one of a kind and always has positive and encouraging words of compassion and love. 

Cindy C

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