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Live an Inspired Life You Love.


My Story

It has always been my passionate belief, that every person should be able to live their most healthy, joyful and fulfilling life and to their greatest potential. I always wanted to know what made people ‘happy’ and how I could help them experience that in their life.


As an educator and mother of 3 sons, having grappled with challenges of my youngest son being born with a physical disability, my life was committed to helping him overcome significant health issues and obstacles throughout his life. My career in education drove me to ensure that every individual was given opportunities to uncover their own unique and diverse talents, so they could express their full potential. As a result, one of my mantras became:

“Let’s focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do.”

My life’s mission is to be of service to others to overcome and smash through all those limiting beliefs that get in the way of you evolving into your most authentic, true self and living a life full of potential  – YOUR way!


If that sounds like something that your heart desires - if you want more joy, inner peace and love in your life then... let’s get going and do this together!

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Learning to love yourself and love others are the most important tasks we have on this planet.




Tina’s coaching helps individuals remove stress and barriers in all areas of their lives, giving them greater clarity and purpose.

People During Workshop


Tina has designed these workshops as powerful experiences that will help you reconnect you with your true, authentic self by working on the four aspects of ourselves – mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Yoga Session


Tina’s retreats have been created so you can leave the stresses of daily life behind you and bring more inner peace, love and joy into your life.

How I Can Help You


I recently I had the opportunity to be part of a group session with the lovely Tina. It was a beautiful, calming experience that I got to share with close friends. I feel so grateful to have been part of it. 

Maddie R

Tina has the incredible ability to make people feel calm and supported with her meditation and self-development exercises. From her sessions, I have gained a lot of really helpful self-awareness practices, that I can use daily.

Luisa T

Tina has helped me through many challenging times in my life, and lovingly guided me to be a happier version of myself and for this, I am forever grateful. 

Audrey L


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